Process Auditing

Process auditing to enable NGOs to lower costs of delivering aid

ConsultantRTpay offers a free service to all non-profit organizations to evaluate the costs they incur in delivering support.

In particular, when funds are intended for foreign destinations, there can be hidden extra costs incurred in the foreign exchange rates used; an audit of past transactions can compare what would have been the best rates achievable.

Transaction processing fees for domestic transfers can also be far more expensive than necessary; this is a highly competitive market and one where RTpay can advise on finding the best, most cost-effective service.

Are there uses of mobile wallets, tokens, gift cards and cash deposit centers that can cut costs and increase donations? How to stay current with all aspects of fund raising is another function of the RTpay process audit.

In general, the collection of funds in domestic currencies and then working with others to achieve the best available currency exchange – in a single conversion – can achieve a far higher amount of foreign currency. Managing the delivery of the separate amounts to recipients requires expert knowledge of local banking and agent services; something RTpay can assist in selecting.

RTpay does not hold any client funds or act in the transaction flow at any stage. It solely assists clients on the optimal management of their own funds. It may introduce suitable financial service providers as part of its advice.

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