Lowering the cost of family donations and remittances to below 3%

  • RemittancesThe increase in refugees needing help from UNHCR is overwhelming its financial capacity.
  • Millions of other Severe Hardship Survivors (SHS) are being created through conflict, climate change and economic disaster in the developing world.
  • Anti-immigrant reactions are becoming widespread due to lack of adequate sociological, linguistic and occupational training of arriving SHS.
  • Over-restriction of terrorist financing regulations has discontinued or made too expensive family person-to-person funds transfers in many parts of the world.
  • Effective funding is significantly reduced by foreign exchange transactions at sub-optimal rates.
  • Many funds are misappropriated or left in abeyance due to poor registration procedures.

We believe that by providing efficient and secure funding solutions, additional funds can be generated at a level at least equivalent to that which UNHCR currently has to provide. Making it easier for families to provide a direct, secure and reliable financial linkage with relatives who are still in danger or suffering deprivation, together with targeted assistance by churches, NGOs and other groups, will greatly relieve the burden on both the UNHCR and the SHS themselves.

See the full paper here: Refugee Solutions – The Clearing House